Visbella® DIY Touch Screen Repair Kit can be applied to a shattered touch screen glass phone or tablet to seal cracks and gaps. After drying, the glue seals these areas, giving you the ability to run your finger over the surface and get the same reaction you are used to. It does not change the physical look of the cracks, it does seal them from further cracking and physical damage to your skin. Odds are you will crack your glass screen at some point, have a bottle of our Touch Screen Repair Glue handy for the inevitable.

  • Put the glue on your screen and you can still slide your finger and get the same touch to use action you always had. No more cut fingers!
  • Seals Cracks in your Touch Screen Device, Repairs Gaps of missing glass up. Excellent Gap Filling & High Light Transmittance.
  • It is easily removed, smaller amounts of glue can be used, easier to clean, flows well, & cures with no yellowing effect.”


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