If you are looking for a lightweight, handy machine to help you clean your surrounding in the fastest and the most effective way possible, consider RP-U100C the best one you can have to wash the roofs, decks, sidewalks, garages, etc. With its cutting-edge technologies, this washer optimizes water consumption and reduces cleaning time.

  • Powerful 1400W universal motor generates high water pressure for maximum cleaning power
  • Total stop system automatically shuts off pump when trigger is not engaged and with the help of self-suction function ensures motor’s long-life and also save energy
  • Built-in thermal protector controls the temperature of the motor during longtime working
  • New design high-pressure gun for better functionality and more convenience
  • Compact, portable design enables easy movement and provides more comfort during different cleaning tasks
  • Equipped with adjustable lances which manufactured from high-quality raw material and let you easily control spray angle in different cleaning tasks


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