Submersible sewage pumps are electric pumps designed to be submerged in sewage or wastewater to pump out the liquid and transport it to a treatment facility or disposal area. Just like other submersible pumps, these pumps work by using a motor to spin an impeller, which creates a centrifugal force that moves the wastewater toward the pump’s outlet pipe.

  • Suitable for pumping dirty water,discharging domestic waste water that containing suspended solids up to a maximum of 4mm
  • Pumps equipped with float switch for automatically controlling water level and pump operation
  • Provides with Protection level IP68 Thermal protector and insulation Class B to ensure motor long life
  • More efficiency by using Ceramic/Graphite mechanical seal, PPO impeller, PP pump housing
  • The motor duty cycle type S1 lead to increase¬† durability


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