Ronix Socket Fusion Machine/ 20,25mm is what everyone would need at their worksite for welding PPR, PP, PE, PB pipes and fittings in different shapes and working ranges. The thickened and widened heating plate of 4400 can store heat for a long time and enhance the efficiency of the welding tool.

  • 2000W advanced thermal system with two powerful elements results in high uniform heat during socket welding operation
  • Thickened and widened heating plate can store heat for a long time and improve efficiency
  • Teflon-coated heating plate secures uniform heating and longer lifetime
  • Non-stick die heads with uniform and stable thermal conductivity, can be used to melt PB/ PP / PPR / PE and other plastic pipes to achieve seamless welding
  • High-quality anti-slip Ronix-design handle makes it safer to use and more comfortable to hold


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