An exact measuring tool to help you in any field! This high-power laser with an accuracy range of ±2mm and up to 50 meters distance measurement can play a leading role in any job site to ensure your sizing is correct. Ronix RH-9351 offers a complete collection of features such as distance, volume, area, Min and max reading, etc., all displayed on a backlight multi-line screen.

  • Fully featured and powerful laser measurer features long-range measuring with extreme accuracy up to ±2mm and measures distances up to 50 meters for professional confidence
  • Easy-to-read backlight color display illuminates numbers in dark areas with distinct resolution, allowing work in low-light or no-light conditions
  • Automatic shutdown in 3 minutes to protect the power
  • IP54 waterproof level and dust-proof function protect the laser distance measure to the maximum extent and enables working at tough job site conditions such as rain or dust
  • Excellent collection of features including distance, volume, area measurement, Min and max reading, continuous measurement, and measurement by Pythagoras make this laser meter ideal for home, construction, and different industries usage
  • Handy and compact mode provide good operating feeling  and hard rubber body enables a good grip


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