Demolition hammers are mostly used for heavy-duty activities like bringing down large concretes or walls and you usually find them on construction sites or roads. Not all of them are designed for heavy-duty tasks; there is a wide range of demolition hammers. Some of them are lighter and can be used for DIY activities like removing wall tiles.

  • 1100W robust motor brings the top-ranking impact force of 15J, competent for all kinds of working operations
  • HEX tool holder with robust power can impressively enhance demolition performance
  • Die-cast aluminum alloy housing enables lightweight, superior heat dissipation and enhances body strength
  • Extensive soft-grip impressively reduces fatigue during long hours of working
  • Switch lock function can protect the armature in continuous operations
  • Optimized drive design, with high overload resistance
  • Reliable anti-oil leakage technology to improve machine durability
  • Creative dustproof design to enhance the machine’s life


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