A brand-new product with a novel design inside and outside! From the casing material to a selection of electronic components, it’s all done by the Ronix R&D team. Although the pricing is competitive in the market, RH-4604 sets the bar high regarding welding quality and safety features.

  • Equipped with  fan(24v-0.7A) with special design in the impeller part in order to double the air volume and increase the device’s operating time
  • Unbeatable automatic short circuit current protection, easy ignition, less spark, provides excellent arc strike performance at rust suface
  • Run 5mm MMA electrode
  • Multi protection of over voltage, over heat, over current and over load protection
  • Hot start, anti-stick, less spark, reliable. Ideal welding equipment for entry-level welder.
  • Equip with 2 volumes ( Current , Arc force) for easy and better welding setting
  • Digital display provides highly accurate welding


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