Straight Internal Circlip Pliers are a type of specialized tool used to install or remove circlips. These small, circular retaining clips are used to hold components onto shafts or in bores. The straight jaws of these pliers allow for easy access to circlips in tight spaces, while the rounded tips prevent damage to the circlip during installation or removal.

  • Constructed from hardened Carbon steel which results in strength, durability, and longevity
  • Black finishing of heads to resist rust and corrosion and improve efficiency
  • Comes in different types including straight and 90°  to satisfy all your needs
  • Power tranmission with optimum leverage for easy and effortless work
  • Anti-skid PVC handles fits comfortably in your hands to ensures less user fatigue and more productivity
  • Spring loaded, easy to work, even for one-hand operation


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