A hex key also known as( Allen wrench or Allen key), is a simple tool used to drive bolts and screws with hexagonal sockets on their heads. These screws and bolts come in different sizes so you need different sizes of hex keys for tightening or loosening operations. Ronix RH-2040 Foldable Hex Key Set is a small, light and handy set of Allen keys in 8 different sizes. 2040 is made of best-quality raw material with a compact design for more convenient use.

  • Anti-rust chrome satin coated
  • Hardened ends for extra-high torque during operations
  • High-quality fold-up handle firmly holds each key so you always have the size you need at-hand
  • Keys conveniently fold for compact and easy storage
  • Hex ends are square-cut for a secure full-depth fit and maximum contact with the hex socket to prevent slippage and stripping of the socket


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