The Ronix RH-9400 300mm spirit level is manufactured with maximum accuracy and the latest technology. It also complies with the European CE standard. This model of level has three leveling bubbles that are installed horizontally, vertically, and at 45 degrees to the body.

  • 3 Measurements including 90°, 180° and 45° covers almost all of your needs
  • Hanging holes on both end makes it convenient to storage and space saving
  • Provides 1mm/m accuracy in the normal position
  • Aluminum frame enables lightweight, high stability and secure hold while working
  • High visibility vials, horizontal, vertical and 45˚s for easy and fast operation
  • Double-side milling for more precise operation
  • Plastic end caps protect the profile against impact
  • Ideal for home decoration, DIY, items repairing, wood working, landscaping, hanging painting, TV’s and more


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