Ronix RH-4022 is a 1 horsepower strong self-priming jet pump that can offer a maximum flow rate of 3.0m³/h in addition to a maximum pumping head of 52m which greatly increases its versatility and ability to work in various places and industries.

  • Suitable for clean water and free of solids and abrasives, non-viscous, nonaggressive, non-crystallised and chemically neutral, clean liquids
  • Properly in domestic, small industrial,small-scale agriculture ,irrigation of gardens and allotments usage
  • Provides with Thermal protector and insulation Class B to ensure motor long life
  • Self-priming ability for Total suction lift up to 9m
  • More efficiency by using SIC/Graphite mechanical seal, brass impeller cast iron pump housing
  • The motor duty cycle type S1 lead to increase  durability



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