Bordo Spade Bits are specialized drill bits designed for drilling large, flat-bottomed holes in wood and other soft materials. They are characterized by their flat, paddle-like shape with a sharp point at the center. Spade bits are commonly used in woodworking and construction for tasks such as drilling holes for pipes, cables, and other applications that require large-diameter holes.

  • 16mm Spade Bit
  • Standard length 150mm Fast Cut Spade Bit
  • Heavy Duty Fast Cut Spade Bits provide extreme performance in the toughest timbers.
  • The Bordo range of standard length (OAL 150mm) spade bits are ideal for creating holes in a wide variety of timbers.
  • Low cost per hole.
  • Fast starting.
  • Hex shank prevents slippage in drill chuck.
  • Hex shank ensures a positive lock in spade bit extensions.
  • Suits all standard quick change adaptors.


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