Bordo Power Bits with a slotted head are specialized screwdriver bits designed for use with power drills and screwdrivers. Slotted screws have a straight, single slot across the head, and these bits are designed to fit slotted screws securely, ensuring effective and precise fastening.

  • #5 Slotted 50mm Power Bit
  • 50mm Power Bit
  • Slotted head fasteners are the oldest, and still a very popular, screw type.
  • They are most often used in cabinet making, furniture construction and house renovation/restoration.
  • All Bordo power bits are manufactured from premium heat treated alloy steel.
  • Strongly magnetised for superior fastener holding.
  • The universal 1/4″ hex shank is suitable for use in most power tools and quick change adaptors/extensions.


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