The Bordo Glass Drill with a 3/8″ (9.5mm) diameter is a specialized drill bit designed for drilling holes in glass and similar materials. Glass drills are characterized by their ability to cut through glass without shattering or cracking it, making them suitable for tasks such as installing glass shelves, creating holes for hardware in glass doors, and other glass-related projects.

  • 3/8″” Glass and Tile Drill (Spear Point Drill)
  • Tungsten Carbide Glass and Tile Drill.
  • These drills are designed for drilling glass, tile and other hard, brittle materials.
  • The tungsten carbide spear point is extremely hard and features uniquely sharpened edges for fast penetration with a reduced need for end thrust.
  • These drill bits cut clean round holes without chipping or material breakage, and work best with a lubricant such as water to extend bit life.
  • When drilling multiple holes in ceramic tiles, or when drilling vitrified porcelain, we recommend using either Bordo ceramic tile drills, the Bordo mist drill product range or Brilliant Diamond core drills.


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