The Bordo Drill Set-Met: 1-13mm 19Pc 2 Tier (2007-M5) is a comprehensive set of metal drill bits designed for drilling holes in various metals. It includes 19 individual drill bits with diameters ranging from 1mm to 13mm, providing a wide range of sizes for different drilling needs. The “2 Tier” likely refers to the set’s organization, with two tiers or layers for convenient storage and access to the drill bits. This set is a versatile addition to a workshop or toolbox for tasks that require metal drilling.

  • Bordo Metric 19 Piece Quick Silver M2-HSS Twist Drill Set in ABS Plastic Case
  • 1.0-6.5mm x 0.5mm rises, 7.0-13.0mm x 1.0mm rises118º Split Point (crankshaft point).
  • Split point is self centering and reduces the need for end thrust. Friction at workpiece is reduced.
  • 118º point angles are ideal for use in materials such as mild steel and cast iron.


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