The Bordo Die Holder with a 1-1/2″ capacity is a tool designed for holding and securely threading or rethreading dies. Dies are used in various applications to create or repair threads on bolts, screws, or other cylindrical objects. The die holder allows for the precise and controlled operation of the die, ensuring that threads are cut or repaired accurately.

  • 1.1/2″” Button Die Holder
  • Button Die Holder to suit 1.1/2″” O.D. Circular Button Dies.
  • Button Die Holders, also known as a Die Stocks, are used to hold a round button during the process of cutting (or chasing) an external thread.
  • Bordo button die holders can be used with solid or split button dies.
  • Split button dies may be slightly compressed or expanded to provide some compensation for wear, or to achieve different classes of thread fit.


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