The Bordo Chrome Tap Set UNC-1/4X20 (4232-1/4Ts) is a reliable and durable toolset designed for creating precise UNC threads. Whether you’re working on machinery, automotive projects, or any task that requires threaded connections with UNC fasteners, this tap set is a valuable addition to your toolkit

  • 1/4″” x 20 UNC Chrome Tap Set
  • Chrome Alloy UNC Hand Tap Set.
  • Used as thread chasers to clean an existing thread.
  • They can also be used to create a new female thread in non-ferrous metals and plastics.
  • Chrome alloy taps are not suitable for creating precision, safety or critical threads.
  • Unified National Coarse thread form was introduced in 1948 as an attempt to standardise thread forms in the USA, Canada and the UK.
  • The thread profile of UNC is the same as for metric threads and is described in the JIS B0206 standard.
  • The thread is described by its major diameter and the number of threads per inch of length (TPI).


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