They are designed to drill a small diameter pilot hole followed by a 60º countersink which provides a bearing surface for the 60º point of the lathe centre.

  • No. 3 HSS Centre Drill
  • Bright Finish HSS No.3 Centre Drill 118º / 60º
  • Centre Drills are used with a lathe to centre drill stock for mounting in the lathe.
  • Centre drills are also used extensively with milling machines to accurately start holes.
  • The hole locations can be dialled in using the milling machine’s calibrated hand wheels.
  • The hole is then started using the centre drill.
  • The large diameter shank on the centre drill holds the drill point right on centre.
  • Once the hole is started, the centre drill is replaced with a drill of the desired diameter and the finished hole is then drilled.”


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