This is the preferred tapping method when precision tapped threads are required on prototypes, repairs, small production runs and when minimal material exists around the hole to be tapped.

  • 1/4-3/4″” Bar Pattern Tap Wrench
  • Adjustable Bar Pattern Tap Wrench #6
  • M5-M20, 1/4-3/4″” Bar Pattern Tap Wrench
  • A tap wrench used in combination with a thread cutting tap is the traditional method used to tap (thread) a hole (male thread).
  • This style of tap wrench provides excellent feedback to the user as they create the tapped hole.
  • Long, alloy steel, SureGrip coated handles provide balance, control and good grip, even in the presence of cutting fluids.
  • Heavy duty construction to withstand the torque applied during tapping operations.


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